End of Quarter Physical Inventory for Distilleries

Note: This information is for distilleries, only.

If your distillery is permitted for distilling/production operations you’re required to take a physical inventory at the end of every quarter (March, June, September, & December) for spirits that were either:

  • Received for Redistillation from processing or storage accounts, or
  • Unfinished and still in production

This inventory is to be included on Line 17 of form 5110.40, Monthly Report of Production Operations.

It’s easy to do record this in TTB Tamer. To enter your quarter-end physical inventory for these categories, choose Quarter-End Inventory from the navigation window and select correct end date of the Quarter that you are reporting.

Simply enter in your inventory for the categories shown on the screen and then select Save.

Note that only the types of Spirits/Alcohol that were selected as being produced in your distillery (Account Settings ->Inventory Category Settings) will be shown as possible choices on the Quarter-End Inventory tab.

This Quarter-End inventory will be shown on the correct monthly report when it is at the end of the quarter.

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