Cancelling Service

Don’t get us wrong, we would absolutely love to work with you for as long as you are in operation. But, we understand that you may need to suspend or cancel your account for TTB Tamer for a variety of reasons.

To cancel your account first log into TTB Tamer, then click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the page, and then Manage Account for breweries or Subscription for wineries and distilleries.

If you choose to cancel you will have access to TTB Tamer until your billing period expires. So if you have a monthly subscription you have until the monthly period is up and if you have a yearly subscription you have until the year is up. After that, your subscription will be cancelled and your account locked.

If you’re thinking about cancelling because you haven’t had a chance to explore TTB Tamer during your free trial, shoot us a quick email at instead and we’ll be happy to extend your trial.

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